Welcome from the Head

Farnborough Hill is a wonderful school.  It marries the very best of the traditional values of compassion, respect and team spirit with the forward-thinking qualities of tolerance, flexibility and ambition. The School fosters self-esteem, service, academic excellence and a true belief in an all-round education. In short, we throw ourselves wholeheartedly into the education of young women; it is our passion to educate, to innovate and to nurture each and every girl who steps through our doors. It is our mission to send these young women out into the world as the very best versions of themselves.

Farnborough Hill has been centred on these principles since its foundation 130 years ago. The School has always focused on educating the whole person and this remains the case today. We have always educated the girls academically, spiritually, creatively, emotionally and physically and we always will. Well-being is nurtured alongside academics; time is given to prayer and mindfulness; physicality is embraced and emotional intelligence cultivated. 

Superb resources and facilities combined with the energy and expertise of highly-motivated staff ensure that the girls have the opportunities and self-belief to succeed in a wide variety of fields. This is a place where pupils thrive, are nourished, and are allowed to develop their individual character before launching into the world as agents of change.  

I am incredibly proud to be the Head of such a loving and caring school.  We are a community grounded in the teachings of the Roman Catholic faith, and we encourage you to arrange to visit us to experience this wonderful atmosphere for yourself.  


Head's Blog

Dog at sunrise over Farnborough Hill

This week saw 2 February which is Candlemas, some 40 days after Christmas and the conclusion of the Christmas - Epiphany season.  So perhaps as Christmas is finally over we can believe that spring is nearly here.  This date is also Groundhog Day.  Since the legend became part of American culture it is suffice to say that if on the morning of 2 February the groundhog comes out of his burrow and sees his shadow there will be six more weeks of winter, if not then spring will come early. 

Farnborough Hill Chapel - sunset

Let us welcome 2021 as a year that offers change and renewal.  Clearly, we are in anything but ordinary times.  Yet we must embrace the experience nonetheless. In the face of the pandemic; the worries, the financial anxieties, the health complications, the personal losses, the lack of real-life society; I urge you to look for good – for the chance to reconnect with people albeit virtually, to enjoy rediscovered time and simply to reflect on our manifold blessings, to take up new interests.