Extended Project Qualification

Early last week, we were treated to a series of presentations given by 16 members of the Upper Sixth who are about to complete their Level 3 Extended Project Qualifications. Equivalent to an AS level qualification, the EPQ is highly regarded by universities and employers and provides the girls with an opportunity to explore an area of personal interest whilst developing the range of research and study skills that will be invaluable to them at university and beyond.

Research topics ranged from whether string theory represents a theory of everything; the positive and negative effects of wolf reintroduction; the mentality of serial killers; the psychological tricks used by Disney in their marketing, and the effects of Isotretinoin. Not only did the girls speak with passion and conviction about their chosen topics, they also summarised their research journey, reflecting on the challenges and rewards of completing the qualification. To round things off, they fielded questions from the gathered audience of pupils and staff.

Congratulations to all of the girls who took part. Thank you too to all the supervisors who have provided the candidates with university-style guidance throughout the process. Completed work will now be marked and moderated and we look forward to reporting on some excellent results in due course.

Dr Ian Taylor, Assistant Head of Sixth Form