Awe & Wonder Trip to China

During the Easter holidays 43 students and 5 staff were lucky enough to experience the wonders and diversity of China, a country rich in culture, history and amazing geographical features. Their 8 day trip took in many breathtaking experiences including seeing the vast expanse of the Olympic Park, the beauty of the Summer Palace including a life-sized river boat constructed of marble and magnificent views across the mountains to the north of Beijing after a climb on the Great Wall of China. They particularly found the ostentatiousness of the Chinese dynasties truly a sight to behold. 

The trip included an overnight train journey took them to X’ian, the ancient capital of China.  The highlight of this city was the amazing terracotta warriors, the scale of which is difficult to imagine unless you have seen them yourself.  A lifelong ambition of many of the girls was realised when they visited the Three Gorges Dam, the largest and most expensive water management structure in the world.  The trip also took in the vast city of Shanghai.

Thank you to Mrs Dunnage, the Geography Department and all the accompanying members of staff who worked so hard to organise this wonderful trip.

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