Busy Bees 2019

This year, once again, the Sixth Form students were delighted to host Year 5 pupils at Busy Bees taster days.

Throwing open the doors to the School, the LVI waited with huge smiles and piles of cookies to welcome their young charges for the day. The Bees bid farewell to their parents on the steps and excitedly entered the School, prepared for a day of fun and friendship making. Within a few moments of them arriving, the Hall was buzzing with chatter and laughter as the Sixth Form led party games.  It was almost a shame to end the games and go to the lessons, but we knew even more fun was waiting.

Each Busy Bee had chosen in advance which lessons to attend, and with sessions including everything from textiles, Spanish, music and history to maths, drama, trampolining and cricket there was much on offer and enough to entice even the most reluctant of pupils. Lunch was, of course, a highlight: it was heartwarming to see the girls animatedly chatting and even swopping numbers as they tucked into their pizza and dessert before playing more games with the LVI Bee Keepers.

All too soon parents returned for pick up and the girls left laden with their crafts from the day, buzzing with stories of the new things they tried and the new friends they made. As for the Sixth Form... they buzzed quietly back to their flats to reflect on just how much energy Year 5 pupils have, but with a renewed love for the School having been reminded of their own Busy Bees experience and the excitement they felt that day.