Congratulations Dr Quinnell

We are delighted to announce that one of our English teachers, James Quinnell, has been awarded a PhD from the Durham University.  This has been done while working full-time at Farnborough Hill and is a very impressive acheivement.  

I have spent the last six years (how time flies!) studying part-time for a PhD in English Literature with Durham University; the topic was on homesickness/nostalgia in the writing of Emily Bronte.  I really enjoyed the opportunity to get to grips with the writer of a novel (Wuthering Heights) that has mystified many over the years.  It was good to be a learner again and have to ‘practise what I preach’ (ie. Do myself what I tell the girls to do).  I enjoyed the writing but, in the name of ‘keeping it real’, I have to say that there were many moments of immense frustration.  I also appreciated having such an inspirational supervisor (who really inspired my love of literature during my MA) with a deep love of literature and the power of words. 

Dr James Quinnell