F'Hill Radio Relaunches

The halls are once again alive with music: F’Hill Radio has been revived! Back with brilliant Year 11 DJs, exclusive peeks into the underworld of the school and weekly quizzes and request shows, the girls have big broadcasting plans.

It all started with a trip to Eagle Radio 96.4FM DAB in September, where Bella, Iona, Jemma, Annalisa, Hayley, Ruth, Katherine, Aimee, Josie, Georgia, Phoebe and Katie got to grips with the radio equipment and learnt important DJ skills, such as timing their patter perfectly to fit a song intro, and remembering that the people they are speaking to can’t see them (a big point when we rely so much on gesture and body language to communicate). The girls have now set up their own show schedules and will be broadcasting on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, before school and at lunchtime, from the on-site studio.

Shows range from 80’s throwbacks to movie tunes, dotted with guest interviews and interactive competitions; we can’t wait to listen and wish them all the very best!