Gold Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

Our intrepid Sixth Form girls working towards the Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award completed their assessed expedition in the Lake District in August.  Their words below give a flavour of the challenges they met and the rewards they received along the way.  Well done to them all on this very significant achievement.

Gold DofE was certainly a worthwhile and memorable experience. We navigated as a team through some very tough challenges, including a fast-flowing river with only stepping stones as a means of getting across, and finding our way through thick mist when we couldn’t see 10 m in front of ourselves. But these moments made our expedition highly rewarding. We finished each day with smiles on our faces and a bag of Wayfarer food, which we found very tasty by the end!

Our expedition in the Lake District saw six of us through many highs and lows (quite literally!) We worked solidly as a team, navigating in challenging conditions including high winds, heavy rain and very poor visibility, tackling tough climbs, as well as remaining entirely self-sufficient. Well done girls, we did it!

Nothing can beat the sense of achievement I felt when we reached the end of our qualifying expedition. All of the climbing (and descending) of mountains, bearing with the wet weather and waking up at 3.30 am on the final morning was completely worth it. The views were incredible, especially on the night of our wild camp on Red Crag, and as a group we made some great memories.