Inter-House Quiz


This very busy half term ended today in traditional style with the legendary and highly competitive Inter-House Quiz.  Year 7 and 10 'aunties and nieces' formed house teams together and battled it out in the Hall while Years 8 and 9 joined together in the Theatre on the Hill.  Year 11 also enjoyed their own quiz in St Joseph's.

Rounds included tests of geographical knowledge, whose pets are these (teachers' dogs, cats and even pet snakes!), Disney and an observation round based on a film directed and written by Mrs Winch-Johnson and starring teachers in very different roles as characters from Eastenders! 

This was a fun way to end the half term and we will have to wait until we come back to see which house was the winner.  Thank you to the Heads of Houses and their Sixth Form helpers for all their work in organising this event.