LENT - CAFOD Fund-Raising

Mindful of news from famine-stricken countries like Sudan and Somalia, it is timely that our team of CAFOD Youth Leaders have been busy organising ways to fund-raise for CAFOD.  These were presented in Assembly on Thursday 9 March 2017.  

For the third year running we have a team of Year 12 students who are taking part in the CAFOD Youth Leadership Training Programme. This year's team have been particularly enthusiastic and presented their plans for Lent during whole school assembly. They are keen to improve on last year's Lent CAFOD fund-raising when we raised a magnificent £1844.80 and to this end they have organised a Teacher Talent Show takking place during the lunch break on Wednesday 15 March 2017. Charging £2 per ticket for both students and teachers, the girls are hoping to get a good turnout and to raise a good sum.  



During their assembly the girls challenged their peers to be more generous during Lent and illustrated this by playing the video below: