New PSHEE Initiative Going Well

Year 11 enjoyed a day off-timetable on Thursday 4 November 2016 to attend a series of talks and workshops dedicated to PSHEE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education).  This new initiative for Years 10 and 11 involves delivering this very important subject area during one off-timetable day each term.  This enables us to invite in specialist speakers and experts and is a very good opportunity to get students focused on particular elements of PSHEE.

Year 10 had their first PSHEE day before half term.  The theme for the day was ‘Understanding Myself’ and covered mindfulness, teamwork and study skills and included a workshop run by ‘Elevate Education’.   

Year 11’s theme was ‘Resilience in the Modern World’ and included a session on emotional health delivered by the Year 11 pastoral team using DEAL (Developing Emotional Awareness and Listening) resources produced by the Samaritans.  Other topics covered over the course of the day included relationships, mindfulness and First Aid.  The day ended with a talk by Mr Karl Hopwood, an independent esafety expert, entitled ‘Navigating the Digital World – Risks and Benefits’.  Mr Hopwood stayed on into the evening to give an additional presentation to Year 9 – 11 parents about online safety which was very well received by those who attended. 

Miss Sexton, Deputy Head (Pastoral) said ‘the two days held so far have gone very well with excellent programmes put together by Mrs Evans-Jones (Head of Year 10) and Forrest-Biggs (Head of Year 11)The girls enjoyed the wide variety of activities organised and gained a great deal from each day.’