Retreat Week

We had some very special visitors last week - the team from Hillsong who led our Retreat Week.  It was a joy to welcome them back with a variety of teams of energetic and passionate young people full of inspiring and fun ideas for our girls.  

Retreat Week is an exciting annual event at Farnborough Hill, where Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 each have a day off timetable during which they are entertained and challenged through a variety of activities including warm-ups, team-building and reflection.  

This year's theme was 'Leadership'; it was explored through games, writing tasks and prayer. Unfortunately for the Year 10, their day was postponed thanks to the snow.

Mrs Dalton, Chaplain, said that she had received nothing but positive feedback from the girls and that it had been an excellent series of workshops.  Well done to all the girls who took part so wholeheartedly and to the Hillsong teams for their friendship, dedication and commitment.  It was an uplifting week.