Y8 Bletchley Park Trip

The Year 8s had a fantastic visit to Bletchley Park, home of the original GCHQ.  Students took part in a Codes and Ciphers workshop and got to touch one of the real Enigma machines!  They also had a very informative tour of the site where they learned lots about the female code breakers of World War 2.  They visited Alan Turing’s office, Commander Denniston’s office and saw the Huts used by all the code breakers.  They also saw a working replica of the Bombe code-breaking machine. They had lots of opportunities to do code-breaking throughout the site. 

This is what some of the girls said:

I loved doing the code breaking workshop and learning about the Enigma machine! “
“I loved learning all about the different types of Ciphers ; I especially liked the Pigpen Cipher”
“I enjoyed seeing Alan Turing’s office and learning new information”

What an interesting and informative day!  Thank you to all the staff at Bletchley Park and the Farnborough Hill staff who accompanied the visit and especially to Mr McCarthy-Brown and Mrs Batt for organising this trip.