Art Competition Successes

Art Competition Successes

The Art Department has been celebrating the successes of pupils who have submitted entries to a number of local and national competitions this year. 

Information about the competitions is disseminated during the year and pupils are encouraged to take part.  They produce their pieces in their own time, supported by the Art Department which manages the administration of their entries and enables them to use facilities such as the high-quality printer for photographs. 

Particularly popular this year were the Rotary Young Photographer and Young Artist competitions.  Girls had to produce paintings or photographs on the theme of ‘Wild Nature’.  The end results were stunning and included a local winner (Tabitha) in the Artist competition and a District winner (Radhika) in the Photographer competition.  Radhika’s entry has now gone through to the National competition.

Pupils also submitted entries to the Royal Academy Summer Show and we are waiting to hear how they have got on. We are also registered for the Royal Mail Heroes Stamp Competition.

Mrs Rosie Byrne, Head of Art, said, “These competitions are a fantastic opportunity for the girls to show their skills and to explore their Art beyond the curriculum.

Art Competition Entries 2020-21