Drama Pupils Work With Movement Director, Steve Kirkham

Drama Pupils Work With Movement Director, Steve Kirkham

If it could be believed that a group of young actors could work together with focus, energy and rigour over the course of four hours, this session was the proof. 

On Wednesday 25 January, our intrepid group of Year 10 actors had the privilege of training with movement director, Steve Kirkham.  For those four hours, Kirkham worked the girls through some high impact aerobic exercise, building from ideas to dynamic moments.  Mirror work, quad jumps and moves to beats of eight, building on ideas of five units and partner work most certainly challenged the girls and kept them on their toes. 

His breadth of experience with notable theatre practitioners such as Frantic Assembly, DV8 and Matthew Bourne ensured that he brought a wealth of ideas and anecdotes, from his work with Brad Pitt on location to The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, Things I Know To Be True and Love Song.  He also spoke of his work with Matthew Bourne on his ground-breaking production of Swan Lake as a dancer (1995) and, more recently, with George Lucas on the latest Star Wars series. 

Steve commented: ‘What a wonderful, hard-working bunch of creatives.  I wish all groups worked as hard and were as focused as them.  They should keep developing this stuff as they really get it!’ 

Mrs Helen de Mattos