Farnborough Hill Va à Paris During the Easter Holidays

Farnborough Hill Va à Paris During the Easter Holidays

During the Easter holidays, 45 linguists plus five highly enthusiastic teachers embarked on 'un bon voyage' to the beautiful city of Paris. 

After sampling fries from both British and French McDonalds enroute, (it was universally declared that British chips are superior), we all arrived at PGL excited to begin our adventure. 

On Tuesday, the girls had the opportunity to take part in a town trail of Brie, practising their French reading skills and exploring the quaint shops.  The boulangerie was a popular stop with more than a few baguettes purchased and quickly consumed.  In the afternoon the group visited the Eiffel Tower.  After making their way through many queues, the girls prepared for the 360 step ascent to the first floor.  A big shout out to Charlotte (8α) for conquering her fear of heights and making the steep climb to the second floor.  The girls were rewarded by some spectacular views across Paris. 

Wednesday was the real highlight of the trip: a day spent at Disneyland Paris.  The girls were up early and the short coach journey to the parks was spent making plans for the day ahead and consulting the park app to ascertain which rides would have the shortest queue.  It became clear that they had many ride junkies amongst them, including the staff, as the girls quickly learnt that they were in good company in the queues for the rollercoasters.  For those who were not so keen on the 'big thrills' there were plenty of other temptations including parades and character spotting.  The end of the day drew near all too soon and the girls skipped back to the coach full of magic, good cheer, clutching their new soft toys and with considerably lighter purses. 

Thursday brought their last full day in Paris.  The coach journey to their first stop, Sacre Couer, was considerably quieter than previous days - the endeavours at Disney having taken it out on them all.  However, once they arrived, the girls were treated to spectacular views across Paris before spending some time exploring the small alleys of Montmartre.  Miss Polly White, Mrs Jessica Hocking and Mr Matthew McCarthy-Brown went to town with the souvenir shopping, purchasing matching berets and 'I❤️Paris' t-shirts which were not taken off again for the rest of the trip.  The afternoon was spent cruising along the river Seine with the sun shining behind them.  They then whisked the pupils off on a secret walk through the streets of Paris; the destination: the most amazing ice cream!  The girls were thrilled and the choice, extensive.

During the evenings, pupils took part in activities ran by their 'animateur' Kevin.  The photo challenge and crepe-making were the highlights and a fantastic way to unwind after busy days in exploring Paris.

Friday came all too soon and suddenly they were packing up and heading home.  But not before a quick trip to Carrefour.  Whilst the girls decimated Sephora and purchased sweets for the journey home, staff were busy purchasing Easter eggs for the girls - it was Good Friday after all.  The final drive home was largely uneventful - too much fun had been had and many used the time to catch up on their sleep. 

Thank you to all the staff for helping to make this trip a reality and to the girls for being excellent ambassadors of the School but, most importantly, for making it a memorable experience for all.