Farnborough Hill Welcomes British Army Medics For ThinkTank

Farnborough Hill Welcomes British Army Medics For ThinkTank

On Wednesday 8 March, Farnborough Hill gave pupils the opportunity to go to a ThinkTank session about Army Medics.  It mainly focused on raising awareness about female positions within the British Army that are not so well-known.  They explained how they are encouraging more women to join because out of their approximate 82,000 soldiers, only 12,000 are female.

We were lucky to be able to listen to two women speak about their job and the journey they went on to get where they are today.  The first woman was a dental nurse and had been in the Army since she finished school.  At first, she did not even know of the role but when she heard about it, she knew that was what she wanted to do.  She had spent 14 weeks training to become a soldier and then another 15 weeks intense dental training.  She explained how she took the same test as any other civilian to qualify as a dental nurse.  This meant that if she were to leave the Army, she could still carry on being a dental nurse.

The second speaker was a combat medical technician who had been in the Army for six years.  She did the same 14 weeks basic training before spending 22 weeks learning how to qualify for the role she wanted.  Having qualified, she was able to travel to Germany and Austria with the Army.

When the ThinkTank was over, I felt so glad that I went and had really enjoyed learning about jobs in the British Army that I did not know of.  Thank you to Mrs West and the Army for making the whole event possible.

Emma (10A)