Head's Pride as A Level Results Reflect Resilience

Head's Pride as A Level Results Reflect Resilience

During a year of many changes and challenges, Farnborough Hill Head Mrs Alexandra Neil has paid tribute to the ‘tenacity and grit’ of her students as the School today marks the publication of the 2021 A level results.

Although public examinations were cancelled for a second year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, both students and staff had to strive equally hard to earn and justify the Teacher Assessed Grades that were submitted in lieu of the traditional tests.

Alexandra Neil said: ‘I would like to acknowledge the tenacity and grit of each and every sixth former for the way they stood up to the challenges of this year to achieve the exceptional results that they have been awarded today. Alongside their peers in other schools and colleges, Farnborough Hill sixth formers have triumphed in a year of adversity and should be incredibly proud of their well-deserved grades.

‘Our teachers are also deserving of the highest praise for the commitment and integrity they have shown throughout this testing process.’

Farnborough Hill students have excelled once again in 2021, with the average grade in this year’s cohort being a grade A.

Emily R, who earned herself four A* grades, was one of six students achieving straight A*s in this year’s cohort, and will go on to read Mathematics at Durham University, while Emily P will join her classmate at Durham to study Physics after also receiving four A*.  Helen, Caitlin, Jaithra and Ella are each celebrating three A* grades.

The vast majority of Farnborough Hill students have confirmed places at their ambitious first-choice universities as a result of their hard work and determination, with a diverse range of degrees courses from Biomedical Sciences to Business Management, Physics to Photography. Importantly, the School also recognises that the girls’ commitment to the life of the School and the wider community has further enriched their experiences and secured their futures.

In addition, 16 students added the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) to their suite of academic achievements alongside their A levels with EPQ studies ranging from String Theory to assessing the impact and merit of Degree Apprenticeships as well as considering whether matter and antimatter are exact opposites; and the treatment of immigrants in British society.

Farnborough Hill encourages its girls to take responsibility for playing key roles in the community, which was more important than ever during this year of such challenge and change. The Junior Leadership Team and House Captains supported a wide range of projects, events and initiatives including their participation in a variety of adapted events such as supporting The Hive, an online programme supporting Year 6 pupils. They also managed a wide range of charitable initiatives, raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support and Mind. The School’s outgoing Head Girl, Eva, led sixth formers in developing relationships with vulnerable members of the community during the pandemic. Eva achieved two A*s and an A, securing her place at Exeter reading Philosophy.

‘Our A level students have earned themselves exciting and rewarding futures with university courses and career prospects. The resilience the girls have had to show to achieve their results today will undoubtedly serve them well in the future. I look forward to hearing more about the positive impacts they will go forward to make in the world and to following their future accomplishments and successes.’