House Talent Show

House Talent Show

The half term break ended on an exuberant note on Friday 14 February 2020 with the 'Farnborough Hill's Got Talent' House competition.  The girls worked hard to put on a great show and the enthusiastic audience loved it!  Each House was challenged to put together two three-minute-long entertainments involving girls from across the Year Groups and with no girl appearing more than once.  In the first round, the girls could showcase any talents and the second round was a group ‘lip sync’.  The girls had to plan and execute their performances themselves and they all did a brilliant job leaving the audience in no doubt that we have talent in abundance at this School.

The performances were well-prepared and varied including humour, great costumes, music composed and played by pupils, arrangements for instrumentalists, solo items, circus skills along with loads of energy and fun.  Well done to all the performers and to the audience whose encouragement and participation helped to make the event so successful.

The event was masterminded by Dr James Quinnell, Head of Mostyn House and Mrs Lori Winch-Johnson, Head of McCormack House and was ably MC’d by the McCormack House Captains. The difficult job of judging the competition was undertaken by Mrs Yvonne Cullen (Trinity Drama Teacher), Mr Jon Taylor (Catering) and Mrs Isabel Hernandez (Finance) and the results were as follows:

In first place was Dutertre with solo singer Alice, accompanied by Eva performing a very moving rendition of ‘When We Were Young’ by Adele.  In joint second place was Roantree, represented by two sisters performing with diabolos and brilliantly choreographed in time to an energetic backing track.  Mostyn came third with a breath-taking solo dance by Renee.  The joint fourth place was won by fantastic performances from McCormack which involved the whole House singing and playing and Bickford with a great band. These, together with highly entertaining ‘lip sync’ contributions from each House made the final outcome extremely close.

Mrs Susana Camprubi, Head of Dutertre House said, “All the girls had worked so hard that they were all winners! It was a lovely way to end the half term.”