Inter-House Sports Afternoon

Inter-House Sports Afternoon

This year Inter-House Sports Afternoon was much anticipated and met with a great deal of excitement. Our community was eager to get into the spirit of fun and enjoy some wholehearted competition. The event began with a 1500m relay race around the grounds (for Lucy’s Loop which celebrates the life of former pupil, Lucy Pygott) with pupils taking part from each Year Group, running on behalf of their House. 

Following this race were other events such as Long Jump, Discus, Javelin and Shot Put which were met with much gusto and enjoyment. During the events, the girls relished the opportunity to sit, take pleasure in ice cream and spectate. After the unusual circumstances of the past year and a half, it was a refreshing return to some normalcy. In spite of the short downpour of rain, the girls’ spirits continued to shine, with Amelia (LVI) saying that dancing in the rain was her favourite part of the day. Other pupils said if they could describe the afternoon’s events in one word they would recount it as “amazing” (Amber, 8ω) and “uplifting” (Natalia, 10α). 

The afternoon concluded with a Staff v Sixth Form relay (won by the staff), after which the Year Group results were announced. 

Inter-House Sports 2021

  Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
1 Bickford Mostyn Roantree Mostyn
2 Dutertre McCormack Dutertre Roantree / McCormack
3 Mostyn Dutertre McCormack  
4 McCormack Bickford Mostyn Dutertre
5 Roantree Roantree Bickford Bickford