Junior Leadership 2022: Meet the Team

Junior Leadership 2022: Meet the Team

We are delighted to announce the new Junior Leadership Team members; Charlotte (Head Girl), Aoife (Deputy Head Girl), Aimee (Deputy Head Girl), Caterina, Preeti and Imogen.  We are most proud of how all the applicants handled the competitive application process and hustings speeches.  Each JLT member has written a short paragraph to introduce themselves.


Charlotte – Head Girl

Most of my free time is spent either reading to relax, or getting involved in various aspects of school life, such as singing in the Senior Choir and participating in the School Production of ‘My Fair Lady’.  My fondest memories at Farnborough Hill are the ones made in this year’s production, as well as ‘Beauty and the Beast’ that was performed just before the first lockdown.  The sense of unity and collaboration I felt when amongst the cast and crew, of everyone putting their best foot forward to achieve a spectacular performance together is, in my view, what Farnborough Hill is all about. 

Similarly, our new Junior Leadership Team is made up of enthusiastic and adept students, and I am looking forward to forming our own collaborative community to help our school and enjoy our time together in the process.  Currently, I am studying English Literature, History, and Physics at A level, with the intention of taking English at university and pursuing a career in education.

I am absolutely thrilled to be appointed Head Girl for the next academic year.  I cannot wait to give everything I can back to a place that has been my home for the past six years and that has helped me develop in so many ways into the person I am today.

Aoife – Deputy Head Girl

In my free time outside of school, I enjoy weekly ballet and pointe classes, running and playing the flute.  Within the School, I am a member of the CAFOD Young Leadership Team, as well as Music ensembles, and I am currently working towards my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. 

For my A levels, I am studying History, Politics and Business, and I am planning to take History at university.  I cannot wait to work with the rest of the amazing JLT as Deputy Head Girl to give back to the School, and hopefully inspire the younger girls, just like the Head and Deputy Head Girls did for me in Year 7. 

Farnborough Hill has enabled me to develop into the person I am today, helping me go from my shy Year 7 self, who would never have been able to stand in front of the School, to the confident young woman I now am.

Aimée – Deputy Head Girl

I am studying Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science at A level and I am looking at continuing my study of STEM at university.  At school, I am a keen flautist and enjoy participating in Music concerts alongside my fellow Wind Band members.  I also relish the challenges brought on by DofE.  Outside school, I dance, competing with my dance school, and when I get the chance, I love to sit down with my dog and read a good book.

When I look back over my years at Farnborough Hill, it is lovely to see how much I have developed as a person.  Opportunities such as performing in concerts and taking part in Mathematics and Computing challenges have allowed me to push myself and it is advice that I would give everyone: you don’t know until you try, and it is the small victories that make the difference.  I am very grateful for the chance to give back to our community as Deputy Head Girl.


One of my favourite things about Farnborough Hill is the strong sense of community the School offers and this was one of the reasons I was drawn to apply for a role within the JLT.

One of my fondest memories within the School is the day I started Year 7. I remember being sat in front of my now best friend and we hit it off immediately.  Despite now being at different Sixth Forms the friendship we built within the Farnborough Hill environment is still going strong.

I am currently studying Psychology, Photography and Philosophy and Ethics for A level with the aim of studying Early Childhood Studies and Primary Education at university, possibly alongside Psychology.  Over lockdown I uncovered a love for baking, making it one of my favourite hobbies outside school alongside creating film and photography.

I look forward to being part of the JLT and giving back to the community in order to provide the valuable experience I have been privileged to have.


I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Classical Civilisation with the aspiration of doing Medicine at university.  Outside of school, I really enjoy football and I am an avid Manchester United fan (although that does not seem to be going so well). 

I am really grateful to be a part of this year’s JLT, getting the opportunity to work with a team of amazing people.  One of my aims is to bring about greater cultural awareness at Farnborough Hill that will help to prepare pupils to face our diverse world with empathy towards people different from themselves.  Overall, I want to ensure all pupils feel accepted and equally represented.  


I am studying English Literature, Spanish and Chemistry and at the moment, I am aspiring to take an English Literature degree, potentially combined with Spanish and considering doing Journalism or a Law conversion after my degree.  

Over the years, I have taken part in various Music ensembles and soirées, both playing the piano and singing in choirs, and I am currently working toward my Grade 8 Piano examination which I hope to take in November.  Examinations aside, playing the piano is something which I enjoy very much.  This year with the Lower Sixth Enrichment scheme, I have completed the TEFL course, and plan to use it in the future when travelling abroad and trying to find work opportunities in teaching English as a foreign language.  In addition, I enjoy playing Cricket with my local team and am looking forward to this forthcoming Cricket season within the School.  

I would like to fulfil my JLT duty by ensuring that the next generation of pupils have the best experience that Farnborough Hill community can offer.  I look forward to working with my fellow JLT members.