Junior Leadership 2023: Meet the Team

Junior Leadership 2023: Meet the Team

After a rigourous application process and excellent hustings speeches, we are excited to announce the new Junior Leadership Team; Suhana (Head Girl), Hannah (Deputy Head Girl), Isobel (Deputy Head Girl), Sophie, Freya, Giorgia and Gemma.  The team are already settling into their new roles and are pleased to now introduce themselves to you.  

Suhana – Head Girl 

Over the past six years at Farnborough Hill, I have been given countless opportunities to develop my interests.  Through debating competitions, mathematics challenges, and ThinkTanks, I truly feel that I would not have become the person that I am today, with a curiosity about the world, without the support of the school.  I am currently studying Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Further Mathematics at A level and I intend to study either Mathematics or Engineering at university. 

As part of my enrichment in Sixth Form, I help out in a Year 9 Chemistry class.  These lessons are always incredibly fun and, alongside the learning, it is refreshing to see the younger pupils flourishing in the supportive environment and gaining confidence to ask questions.  For me, this is the essence of Farnborough Hill, as each student graduates the School more assured of their abilities and ready to make their mark on the world. 

I am unbelievably delighted to have been appointed as Head Girl and I am excited to work with the enthusiastic JLT to ensure that all students get the best possible school experience and develop the love for learning that Farnborough Hill has given me.   

Hannah – Deputy Head Girl 

My A level subjects totally sum up everything I have enjoyed learning about in school and outside of the curriculum; they are Biology, Psychology and PE and I really enjoy having the time to focus on them.  I am planning on studying Psychology at university. 

As well as Psychology, I have no doubt that my future will also contain Hockey.  I spend much of my free time on a Hockey pitch training to over-achieve and dreaming of playing for England.  I have competed in the sport for over ten years which, in my humble opinion, reflects my determined, competitive, and motivated nature. 

Farnborough Hill has offered me so many unforgettable memories, opportunities, and experiences from endless giggles in lessons to the incredibly successful 24-hour Endurance Challenge charity event I took part in last year.

Continuing the theme of shared experiences, throughout the next year I want to push for as many social and charity events as I can.  I want to do this because creating a learning environment where pupils feel comfortable and have fun is so important to their education in terms of motivation and confidence. 

Isobel – Deputy Head Girl 

I enjoy so many aspects of school life and try to get involved in as much as possible.  I am studying English, Classics and Economics and help out with various clubs and events across the school year including Open Access, the Advent Service, the Talent Show and school productions.  This year I was lucky enough to be able to fulfil other roles in school, such as being a CAFOD Young Leader and working with other pupils to develop charity / fundraising events.  Beyond this, I am planning to take Law at university and pursue a career as a solicitor.  
Outside of school I work as an office assistant at a law firm in Farnborough and also waitress in a bistro at weekends.  In my free time I enjoy playing video games with my friends, baking and occasionally painting. 
I am very excited about being a part of the new JLT.  Working with such talented, kind and collaborative people is a wonderful opportunity and I am looking forward to what we will bring to the school community over the coming year.  I am exceptionally grateful for the opportunity to take on the role of Deputy Head Girl and hope I can fill the shoes of the outgoing JLT to the best of my abilities, particularly as they have done so much for our school and community. 


One of my fondest memories here at Farnborough Hill is of spending time in the Library where there is balance between the hustle and bustle of girls gathering and a relaxed learning environment during study periods. I think this is a reflection of the strong ethos here at Farnborough Hill.  
I am honoured to be a part of the Junior Leadership Team and be able to represent Farnborough Hill. I am delighted to be given the opportunity to work with this team to deliver great outcomes for the whole school community.  
One of my aims as a JLT member is to offer more facilities to tackle environmental issues, so that we as a community can make a difference, no matter how small.  Having been influenced from an early age by David Attenborough documentaries highlighting environmental issues, I want my role to inspire others to be more sustainable and friendly to our planet.  
I am currently studying English Literature, Classical Civilisation and Geography.  Most of my free time is spent reading fantasy and science-fiction novels and playing ‘The Legend of Zelda’.  I plan to study English at university. 


In regards to academics, I am studying Mathematics, Geography and Biology at A level, with the hope of studying a degree in Environmental Science at university.  I hope to work in a polar research base, studying the shifting climatic system. 
Outside of the curriculum, I am an accomplished bassoonist with Grade 8 and two diplomas and am currently working toward my third, the licentiate.  Furthermore, I am also a committed endurance and middle distance track runner, with greatest enjoyment and achievement in the 10k distance, competing on a regional and national scale.  In addition, I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in all three Duke of Edinburgh Awards and contributing to school life as a CAFOD Young Leader. 
My mission as a member of JLT is to give back to our community, enhancing prior JLT legacies and developing initiatives of our own to reflect the needs of our present pupils, ensuring everyone within our school community has a fulfilling, memorable and rewarding experience at Farnborough Hill. 


I am currently studying Psychology, Philosophy and Ethics and Politics, and I plan to continue my love of essay subjects at university, with my aspiration to study Law.  At school, I am a keen academic fostered by ThinkTanks, AfF-Hilliation group and Debating.  
Over the years I have been at Farnborough Hill, I have always admired the strong sense of community that is present.  It truly helps everyone get through all the difficulties that come along with learning and exams. For example, a fond memory which sticks out in my mind is Inter-House Sports Day when I was in Year 10, where there was a fierce sense of competition paired with immense support, music and ice cream.  This strong sense of community between the pupils is, in my opinion, what Farnborough Hill is all about.  
I am very grateful to have been offered the opportunity to be in the JLT and I am looking forward to working as a part of a team to give back to the community which has been my home for many years. 


I am studying Music, Classical Civilisation and English Literature at A level, and am looking into a variety of different combination courses for university as well as a solely Classics-based degree. Many of my hobbies fit alongside my A levels - I play flute in a variety of music groups, and love to sing in Senior Choir.  I also enjoy baking all sorts of treats (much to the appreciation of my friends, who get to test all my new recipes).  
In the last few years, I have pushed myself outside my comfort zone and got involved with the last two school productions which is something I always admired people for doing, but that I never had the courage to do myself.  From playing flute in the band for My Fair Lady to acting on stage in Twelfth Night, being involved in theatre in school is a truly incredible experience.  Everyone works so hard to put together an amazing show.  Being part of it is electrifying, and has helped me grow both musically and in personal confidence.  
In a similar vein, during my time on JLT, I hope to help inspire confidence in others, and make sure that everyone’s voice is heard.  I have grown so much over my time at Farnborough Hill, and have been given so many opportunities to push myself.  Now, I am honoured to be able to give back, and help make everyone’s experience the best it can be.