Lower Sixth Students Prepare for NEAs with Coastal Research Trip

Lower Sixth Students Prepare for NEAs with Coastal Research Trip

Ami (L6DEM) and Tamsin (L6WIN) reminisce on a recent A level Geography trip to the coast:

Last Wednesday, our A level Geography cohort beelined south-west to Hengistbury Head in Dorset.  The purpose of our trip was to become familiar with coastal research methods in preparation for our individual research work over the summer.  Once again, we were challenged physically and mentally by the unpredictable weather, which proved to be an inhibitor. 

Upon arrival we trooped over to a charming little strip of beach, yonder of which a glimpse of the Isle of Wight could be seen.  We used ranging poles and a clinometer to measure the incline of the beach.  Morale was high and spirits were jovial, until we saw the clouds began to cluster, darken, and ultimately precipitate heavily.  Despite this, we powered through as resilience is a core characteristic of a true geographer.  The cold never bothered us anyway!  In a frenzy, we experimented with quadrats and pH meters in various areas across the sand dune, all the while conditions were worse than ever before: the wind was fierce, the rain was battering, and the waves were choppy and far-breaking (coming up to our ankles if we got too close!). 

When it became clear that the weather was not getting any better, we sought refuge in an ambient cafe to rejuvenate our energy levels, as fieldwork can be taxing.  To conclude our day, we took a stroll onto the spit and on the way were met with a petite train choo-chooing along the promenade.  We saw delicate beach huts, reminding us of our childhood, although they now sparked an academic discussion about how they could encourage tourism in the area. 

Once again, we found ourselves outside the minibus, this time to take us homeward.  Mrs Joanne Brereton put her key in the bus, stepped on the gas and went full throttle back to base.  We had a great day despite the rain and are positively buzzing to getting started on our real NEAs.