Old Girl Scholarship 2022

Old Girl Scholarship 2022

This year the School awarded this scholarship, funded by Farnborough Hill Old Girls’ Association, to a student joining the Sixth Form.  Congratulations to Hannah in our Lower Sixth, who joins Thalya as an Old Girl Scholar.  We caught up with our newest scholar Hannah.

What A levels Are You Studying?

I am studying Biology, Psychology and Physical Education.  Choosing these subjects was relatively simple for me as these were the subjects I was most interested in and therefore enjoyed most throughout my GCSEs.  Psychology has always been a subject I have wanted to take and learn more about.


Do You Have an Idea as to What You Will Do After Leaving Farnborough Hill?

After leaving school, I want to continue my education at university in the UK or the USA, studying a course related to my A levels.  I want to keep my options as open as I can, so I have lots of options for different jobs when the time comes.  I am, however, very interested in Sports Psychology because there is constantly new and improving research coming to the surface.


How Have You Found School Life During the Last Year?

School life in the past year has been full of ups and downs.  Despite GCSEs taking a lot of hard work and being quite draining, I still look back at Year 11 being one of my favourite years at Farnborough Hill.  During the pandemic, to stay motivated at school, I just kept in mind how rewarding it would feel opening my envelope on results day and seeing good grades.  It was all worth it in the end.


What Has Been the Highlight of Your Time at Farnborough Hill So Far?

The highlight of my time at Farnborough Hill so far is the 24 Hour Endurance Challenge we carried out for charity in Year 11.  I did it with all my closest friends and we raised loads of money for charity, so it was an all-round amazing experience.


What Is Your Favourite Time of Year at Farnborough Hill?

My favourite time of the year at Farnborough Hill is the run up to Christmas with lots of celebrations and the staff pantomime!


Who Has Inspired You?

During my time at school there have been so many people I have met that have inspired me.  Hearing all the teachers’ stories about their travels and different jobs has showed me how much there is to experience around the world and how many opportunities you get from being open-minded and up for a challenge.


What Do You Do in Your Time Away From the Hill?

Outside of school, my life largely is based around Hockey and doing everything I can to reach my potential.  This includes coaching as well as lots of training and staying healthy.  I always have set big goals for myself and ever since I was young I have been aiming for a chance to represent England in Hockey.  However, it is very important to keep smaller, easily reachable goals to help keep you motivated and confident.  For me, these are maintaining improvement in specific areas of my game and reaching different levels at my club, Wimbledon, and the various stages of the England pathway.


What Are Your Plans Now You Are a Lafosse Scholar?

As one of the Old Girl scholars I strive to be a good role model for the younger pupils and get involved in school life as much as I can, making the most of my last few years here.


Describe Farnborough Hill in Five Words.

If I had to describe Farnborough Hill in five words, I would say; community, it is a welcoming, giving, opportunity-filled and fun.