Sixth Form Christmas Trip to Windsor

Sixth Form Christmas Trip to Windsor

On Friday 2 December, the Sixth Form set off together to spend the afternoon at Windsor.  They were all excited to have a chance to explore the town with their friends and relax after a busy first term.

Once the Sixth Form had arrived, they headed straight to the High Street to find lunch.  Huddled on a bench, they had the rare opportunity to spend an hour all together.  Lower and Upper Sixth alike caught up on what each other had been doing recently, in and out of school.

Upon reaching the ice rink, the girls were greeted by their Heads of Year, Mr McCready and Dr Taylor, who they sadly could not convince to join them on the ice.  For many of them, this was the first time they had been ice skating in years, but it was nothing they could not conquer as a team.  After a few laps, and a lot of holding hands, they all got into the swing of things.  It is safe to say that Sixth Form all enjoyed skating along to some of their favourite Christmas songs.

After that, the Year Group had more time to explore.  They enjoyed seeing the lights decorating the streets as they wandered around the shops.

Eventually, the time came for everyone to head home.  On the journey back, the girls were treated to a beautiful sunset from the coach; a beautiful end to a wonderful day.

The Sixth Form thank Mr Craig McCready for leading the trip and Dr Ian Taylor, Mr Matthew McCarthy-Brown, Mrs Lori Winch-Johnson and Mrs Susan Macey for taking the time to accompany them.