The 24-hour Endurance Challenge Returns

The 24-hour Endurance Challenge Returns

Last Friday, Year 11 took part in a 24-hour Endurance Challenge, keeping two bikes and two cross trainers moving in groups of five or six all whilst raising money for Comic Relief. 

The day began enthusiastically as everyone arrived and were united in their red t-shirts.  The excitement and determination did not falter over the course of the challenge, time quite literally flew by; activities like sliding on crashmats, playing basketball and singing karaoke kept us occupied when not on the machines.

During the lunch hour we received support from members of the school community.  Many teachers did a short shift on the equipment which was greatly appreciated as, in the meantime we also ran a cake sale, basketball shoot out, karaoke and other activities in return for a small donation.  In the evening we were lucky enough to welcome parents, teachers and children to cheer us on before digging into some pizza and celebrating reaching our fundraising target. 

The laughter continued well into the evening as burritos were thrown at one another.  The machines kept moving even at 3.00 am (as much as the shifts dragged on and no longer felt like just 30 minutes) and our team mates and friends kept us going.  People began to snuggle in the pile of beanbags, covered by blankets, and slept with any time available as the pains and aches began to kick in.  Although we desperately wanted to see the sunrise, it was a tad underwhelming but showed us that the finish line was near.  Our teachers (and parents who returned) cheered us on at the finish line and praised us for our achievement. 

Everyone’s support for this event, including donations and spreading the word, means so much to us, and we would like to thank all the teaching and support staff for their time and commitment.  In particular, we would like to say a massive thank you to Mr Emery, Miss Wilcock, Miss Lynch and Mrs Harrison for their support in organising this event and putting up with 22 girls for 24-hours, organising and bringing the challenge to light and providing us with the opportunity and memories that each one of us will carry through as we approach the end of Year 11. 

Lauren (11α) and Sophie (11A)