The Step by Step 272 Challenge

The Step by Step 272 Challenge

Step by Step are a local charity with whom Farnborough Hill has partnered for many years. They provide care and accommodation for local young people who find themselves homeless. The last twelve months have been hard for us all, and Step by Step have seen a large increase in the number of young people requiring their support whilst many of their significant sources of funds, resources and donations have unfortunately reduced due to the impact of the pandemic.

The Farnborough Hill community is partnering with Step by Step to support their recently launched fitness and activity fundraising challenge, the Step by Step 272 Challenge. The number 272 signifies the number of young people for whom Step by Step can provide accommodation at any one time, and the ways in which those participating can meet this challenge are as many and varied as the stories of the young people they will be supporting.

Those taking part will be completing some kind of fitness or physical activity around the numbers 2, 7 and 2. This could be running 27.2 miles (all in one go, or spread across a period of time) or doing 2072 steps every time they go for a walk. They might swim 272 lengths or jog for 27.2 minutes. Participants might be basing their sponsorship around the numbers 2, 7 and 2, perhaps exercising for 27 days in a row, gathering pledges of £2.72, or aiming to raise £27.20 in total. Some are aiming for 27 pledges, or even 272 if they are feeling adventurous!

Participants can do any activity they like - running, walking, swimming, dancing or cycling. They can do any combination of activities, all they need to decide is whether they will be linking their exercise distance/time to the number of 272 whilst raising money, or linking their sponsorship target to link to the number 272, whilst doing any exercise they wish.

We would love to invite as many people in our community to take part as possible!

Farnborough Hill has its own dedicated Just Giving page that links directly to Step by Step. Please gather your pledges together and then make one donation to the Just Giving page.

Thank you for your support for this wonderful initiative.