What is a Retreat?

What is a Retreat?

As we enter the winter months and meet the dark, frosty days we can sometimes feel a little depleted. Life can be rushed and busy and so it is important for well-being that we make time to take a step back from our routines. Disconnecting from the noise and disturbances of everyday life enables the opportunity to recharge and reconnect.

This is why we believe Retreat Days at Farnborough Hill are so significant for pupils, as part of our approach to educate the whole person. We schedule this time to tune into our minds and our bodies and to be in the present. For some, this is a chance to connect with God through stillness and reflection.

The Chapel is most commonly used during Retreat Days, though a walk through the grounds or perhaps some written thoughts on what we are thankful for are equally as restorative and provide a good boost of serotonin.

Our Chaplain, Mrs Nelle Dalton, expresses her thoughts saying; “You cannot fully appreciate the beauty of a piece of art up close but rather when you take a step back. The same can be said with water that has been disturbed and your reflection in it contorted; things will only become clear when the water is still.”

Mrs Dalton considers retreats as a way of strengthening the Farnborough Hill community by helping pupils to continue building friendships and forming new ones. As we are all on a journey, there are different goals and themes for different Year Groups such as ‘Choices and Changes’ for Year 9 or the theme of ‘Questions’ for Lower Sixth. Occasionally outside organisations come and give talks for the girls, connecting with each other and their surroundings.

Whilst we aid our pupils’ social and spiritual journey, we continue to encourage them to take time for themselves. We hope that when they return from retreats they are filled with a fresh perspective and feel recharged.