Year 10 Scientists Journey to Oxfordshire for Science Live

Year 10 Scientists Journey to Oxfordshire for Science Live

On Monday 6 February, Year 10 scientists went to the New Theatre in Oxfordshire to watch GCSE Science Live. 

The girls first heard from Dr Kate Lancaster who spoke to them about nuclear fusion, and how it could be the power source we use in the future.  Following Dr Lancaster's talk, they had a session on good examination techniques for their GCSEs. 

After a short break, the pupils had a talk from Professor Lord Robert Winston about many different aspects of Biology, such as IVF.  The girls then learnt about how brain waves work with Doctor Hannah Critchlow.  She picked a pupil to show them how different brain waves work under different circumstances. 

Professor Steve Jones gave the Year 10 scientists a talk about nature, nurture or neither.  He explained how our genes and our environment impact our lives and personalities. 

Finally, Professor Andrea Sella showed the girls oscillating reactions.  These are simply chemical reactions in which both positive and negative feedback occur, leading to a reaction that changes colour every few seconds.  This was an especially interesting talk as the girls were able to watch him do these reactions on stage.