Year 7 Pupils Create Lasting Memories on PGL Trip

Year 7 Pupils Create Lasting Memories on PGL Trip

On Wednesday 11 October the adventure began!  The girls were delighted to be met with a dry start to the day - as some weather forecasts had suggest rain.  They arrived at 12.00 pm on the first day and were met with stunning views of the beach and sea.  They were then warmly welcomed by their thoroughly enthusiastic PGL leaders.  They and other instructors led the girls through activities such as the zip wire, survivor, ambush, dragon boating, abseiling, fencing, archery and the giant swing.  The most popular activity seemed to be the giant swing which involved the girls wearing a harness and being hoisted up to the highest of heights, at which point they then pulled on a rope and literally swung to the ground below.  This brought on a lot of screaming and laughter!

The girls have supported each other really well and although roomed with friends from their Form Group, they were in activity groups which consisted of girls from different Form Groups which encouraged them to make new friends. 

The adventure at PGL involved singing very loudly with the instructors as they walked from one activity to the other.  Some of them even introduced the PGL community to Whose Pigs are These?

Top highlights

Meals - The cooked breakfast every morning 

Treats - The gift shop visit

Music - The girls singing around the camp fire and on the coach

Moment - The sighting of a dolphin during the dragon boating! 

Activity – The giant swing

Well done to everyone for participating wholeheartedly.  In summary, the Year 7 Residential was a very successful trip; current friendships were strengthened and new friendships developed.  The pupils' conduct and behaviour was very good and we are pleased to see girls overcoming challenges, developing independence and working kindly and collaboratively in groups. 

We wish all our Year 7s a fabulous half term and a well-deserved rest.