Year 9 Project Qualification

Year 9 Project Qualification

Extended Learning Coordinator, Miss Lucy Warwick, reflects on the latest achievements by the Year 9 Project Qualification pupils:

The Year 9 Project Qualification Presentation Evening took place on Tuesday 22 March 2022, and gave the girls a chance to present their findings to friendly audiences made up of supervisors, family and friends.  The 60 candidates were divided into eight rooms and took it in turns to share their journey since embarking on the Project in October, before answering a number of unprepared questions on their topic and the process from the floor.

The Project Qualification is a brilliant chance for the girls to take independent learning to a new level.  So many transferable skills are gained through the course and it puts the girls in an excellent position for GCSEs, A levels and beyond.  Not only do the girls develop skills in independent learning, time management and research, they are also encouraged to reflect and evaluate throughout the process and to consider how to develop their ideas.

As you can see from the programme, topics range from girls wanting to discover more about their passions for swimming and gymnastics, to a thirst to understand space exploration, the advantages of bilingual schools and the effect Veganism might have on one’s health.  Mental health has proven to be a popular topic, as has fast fashion.

Once their work has been thoroughly reviewed and the girls have reflected on the process and their discoveries, the completed Projects will be submitted to their supervisors on Monday 28 March. 

Congratulations to all the girls on this fabulous achievement and a huge thank you must go to the wonderful team of supervisors for all of their support and guidance during the process.