Young Enterprise Success

Young Enterprise Success

On Wednesday 8 February, Serendipity, one of the Farnborough Hill Young Enterprise teams, secured the winning prize at the YE Dragon’s Den competition.

Each competing team submitted a promotional company video and full business plan before facing their interview (grilling) by the ‘Dragon’s’ on Wednesday evening.  Both Year 10 Young Enterprise teams took part and competed against companies from Hampshire and Surrey schools including Notre Dame, Heathside and St Georges’.

The judges / dragons were taken aback by how efficiently and successfully Serendipity, led by Eleonora (10ω), had got their products to the market.  They commented on how the pupils had "Hit the ground running....demonstrated incredible sales performance ......modelled effective marketing skills and showed how they could scale up the business".  They saw a future potential in Serendipity that was unrivalled by any other team.  Eleonora (10ω) answered a particular question beautifully when she told the judges that her team members were acutely aware of their roles and responsibilities as Directors, but also recognised when they needed to ‘muck in’ if a task required everyone’s input, regardless of their job title, in order to get it over the line.

Both Farnborough Hill's Year 10 teams, Serendipity and Nuu, received recognition for the quality of their promotional videos and innovative product ideas.  Ultimately, the judges were impressed by Eleonora (10ω) and Radhika's (10A) pitch delivery.  They judges believe the future potential success of Serendipity was unrivalled by any other team and so awarded them with the venture capital.

Without doubt, the contributions made by both the business advisors and Farnborough Hill colleagues plays a huge part in the success the girls achieve in Young Enterprise. 

Congratulations to all members of Serendipity: 

Managing Director: Eleonora (10ω)

Company Secretary: Gnaneswary (10α)

Finance Director: Radhika (10A)

Operations Direcor: Elizabeth (10α)

Marketing: Jenny (10α) and Maya (10ω)

Sales: Ella (10ω)

HR: Oziohun (10ω)

Digital & Technology Director: Alice (10A)

Sustainability Director: Alicia (10ω)