A Week of Firsts for Year 7

A Week of Firsts for Year 7

Our new Year 7s have now been with us for a over week and are starting to really settle in and find their way around. Some have settled quickly and feel as if they have always been here, while, for others, the process of settling will be a little more gradual. One of the aspects I have been most impressed with is the way that they are looking after each other and making sure that no-one is left behind – kindness and thoughtfulness are characteristics a Farnborough Hill girl is known for and, so far, they have made an excellent start in those areas both with each other and with their teachers. 

Their first week has brought assemblies, experiments and even Roald Dahl Day, during which the library hosted a series of events to celebrate this incredible children's writer. They have moved from lesson to lesson with joy and anticipated lunches in the Ref with excitement, using the time to get to know eachother more.

The girls are so proud to be a part of Farnborough Hill and have thrown themselves into sports clubs and music rehearsals with enthusiasm. Each form has begun to develop its own personality, and the sense of camaraderie that is growing in Year 7 promises to make them a force to be reckoned with. We look forward to an enjoyable year!

Mrs Laura Evans-Jones, Head of Year 7

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