Army Scholars

Army Scholars

Farnborough Hill students Sophie Farrelly and Sophie Fowles have each secured a highly-competitive Army Scholarship to see them through university and into Sandhurst to pursue their careers, Sophie Fowles as a Logistics Officer and Sophie Farrelly an Army Doctor.

The selection process was extremely tough, both mentally and physically, including online and aptitude assessments during an intense three-day stay at Westbury where they were tested on their fitness and leadership skills. The process culminated with two formal interviews.

Sophie Fowles, of Hartley Whitney, commented, ‘the assessment process required a lot of preparation and was challenging but it was also hugely enjoyable and something we are both very proud of completing. It was brilliant to meet the army personnel and gain a flavour of what our early career might entail.’

Sophie Farrelly, of Camberley, added, ‘Sophie and I were very excited to go through this process together; it is a highly competitive scholarship scheme and for us to attend Westbury alongside many strong applicants, including experienced army cadets, and then both secure scholarships, is amazing. We feel very enthusiastic for the future.’

Mrs Alexandra Neil, Head, is extremely proud of both girls for earning their scholarships, saying ‘Sophie and Sophie are very impressive young women with excellent leadership skills great tenacity. Thanks to their hard work, they have set themselves on course to begin their careers on a high, leaving Farnborough Hill with a clear path in front of them which will allow them to achieve their ambitions.’