Biology Week

Biology Week

Last week, students and staff enjoyed a number of events across the school to mark the fifth annual Biology Week. Run by the Royal Society of Biology (RBS), this is designed to showcase the interesting and exciting world of biosciences, and to highlight its importance in today’s world. Biology Week is a national event and includes involvement from both children and professional biologists across the country.

Farnborough Hill students most certainly embraced the spirit of Biology Week, and hosted a range of Biology based activities. The Biology Bake-off is a favourite amongst both students and staff. Hosted by the Physiological Society, this event requires girls across all year groups, and also staff, to create a cake or bake that illustrates a biological process. The variety of topics covered was astounding, ranging from a brain shaped loaf of bread, to a cake detailing the different parts of the human eye. The most impressive entries will be sent to the Physiological Society to be part of a wider national competition. It is safe to say that the girls have impressed with both their knowledge of biology, and their baking skills! 

Biology Bake Off Gallery

The girls were also lucky enough to be joined by Luke Storrie (pictured), who has recently completed his Master’s Degree in “Marine Biology in the Arctic” at Southampton University. Luke spoke about his experience living and working in Svalbard, where he spent time studying the whale population of the area. Luke also shared advice with girls who are hoping to study Biology at university.

The week ended with another exciting experiment where students extracted DNA from strawberries.

Biology week has been stimulating and informative for both the girls and the staff, and the school has enjoyed exploring and embracing the diverse world of biology. We hope to carry on this tradition in future years.  Thank you to all Mrs Hayes and the Science staff for all their hard work organising these events.