Cambridge Greek Play 2016

Cambridge Greek Play 2016

Emily (12WIN) reports:

On Friday 14 October 2016, Farnborough Hill Classicists from Years 10 - 13 went on a fascinating trip to Cambridge to further their learning by watching two Greek plays as well as receiving a tour of Downing College and the city.  We were privileged enough to watch the Cambridge Greek Play Company perform the Tragedy, Antigone and the Comedy, Lysistrata, both of which were excellent. We also were lucky enough to receive an insightful lecture from one of Cambridge’s Classics lecturers who spoke about the topic ‘revolting women’ which was completely topical to the two plays. 

The day began with a tour of Downing College which was a wonderful experience as we got to visit many of the college facilities including the Library, accommodation and the Chapel. The architecture was beautiful and all of the students were very impressed and many of us felt encouraged to consider Cambridge as a university option in the future. We were given a wonderful tour by one of the third year engineering students and he took us round the whole college.  Along the way we bumped into a few old girls! 

After the tour we made our way around the city, stopping off at the Fitzwilliam Museum, which was a beautiful building with some amazing modern artwork situated outside. We then headed off towards the Cambridge Theatre of Arts to listen to the lecture and watch the plays. The lecture was a fantastic foundation for those GCSE students preparing to study the Antigone, Year 12 students working on Greek Tragedy, and Year 13 students who greatly benefited from learning about the Lysistrata. The plays were fantastic and made everyone both laugh and in some cases cry.

Overall it was a great day, which everyone loved and a huge thanks must go to the Classics Department and in particular Mr Forrest-Biggs and Mr Johnson, for organising it!