Chocoholic Culinary Workshop

Chocoholic Culinary Workshop

On Tuesday, Year 10 GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition students travelled to Tante Marie Culinary Academy in Woking for a chocoholics dream!

On arrival we were shown to the food demonstration suite where we enjoyed a fabulous demonstration of a range of dishes using chocolate. Chefs Anne and Ollie shared their expertise and tips, showing the girls how to make Chocolate Babas using a savarin dough soaked in a chocolate syrup, Macarons decorated with a gold lustre and sandwiched with a chocolate ganache and, finally, caramel and chocolate teardrops made using acetate collars and filled with a rich chocolate fondant cream. As he prepared his masterpiece creations, Ollie also explained the function of the ingredients and how to achieve the very best results. 

At the end of the demonstration the girls applied their creative skills to plating up the desserts using a variety of the techniques learned, with the best presented plates achieved by Ella and Hayley. The morning finished with a feast of delicious chocolate fancies!

This was a great trip. I hope the girls will remember what they have learned and apply these decorative skills to their practical assessments in Year 11 in order to make their work stand out from the rest! This is definitely a visit I plan to repeat!

Mrs Goddard, Head of Design and Technology

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