Girls Get Set Engineering Residential

Girls Get Set Engineering Residential

Year 9s Alex, Lanie and Tia answered a call to action from the Smallpeice Trust and Girls Get Set to potentially win one of ten spaces on a Girls into Engineering Residential Course by writing a 1000-word essay on STEM and what it means to them, and why diversity in STEM matters.

We are absolutely thrilled to hear that all 3 have been awarded paid places to go on the 4-day residential Engineering Course at Warwick University in the summer holiday. The course looks fabulous: they will have the chance to put their technical skills to the test and have fun working as a team, building confidence and sharpening problem solving, time management, planning and presentation skills. They will experience what it might be like to go into Higher Education and to sample university life first-hand. It might even tempt them into a career in Engineering!

Kelly and our other contacts in GE Oil and Gas in Farnborough have seen the girls’ entries. Kelly said she was “very pleased that they all got a place, they were fantastic entries so it was all very well deserved” and Aakeen added “We also had a chance to read their essays and we were incredibly impressed and moved”.

Well done to Alex, Tia and Lanie and we hope that they have an amazing time.

Mrs Cappleman