Harry Potter Book Night

Harry Potter Book Night

The phenomenal success of JK Rowling’s books about the teen wizard, Harry Potter, is now being experienced by a new generation of children and its appeal continues.  Reflecting this, schools,  libraries and bookshops have been holding ‘Harry Potter Book Night’ events all around the country.  We held our own event last Friday for Year 7s when the School Library was transformed into ‘Fhogwarts Library’ and filled with magical things for all the visiting wizards and muggles.  As soon as the girls arrived they were allocated to a house team via the ‘Sorting Ceremony’.  They then enjoyed a packed schedule of activities including an observation quiz based on the now legendary 2011 film from Fhogwarts (aka Farnborough Hill) starring our own teachers as Harry Potter, Hermione, Dumbledore, Voldemort and more; a quick draw challenge; a hunt around the library spotting Harry Potter related items; finally a fiendishly difficult ‘Spellathon’ quiz, which tested out the real ‘Potterheads’ and for newcomers will have given them a taste of the amazing world described in the books. 

A highlight of the evening was Mrs Wilson’s arrival with the ‘Trolley’ – laden with delicacies such as chocolate frogs, cockroach clusters, cauldron cakes, baby dragon droppings (!) and of course Bertie Bott’s Every Flavoured Beans.

Competition was close – Ravenclaw gained the most house points and were awarded the contents of Gringotts Bank as their prize.

Well done to everyone for a thoroughly enjoyable evening.  It was both fun and inspiring and we hope that those who haven’t experienced much of Harry Potter up to now will be tempted to explore this magical world further through the books, all of which are available to borrow from the School Library. 

A big thank you to Mrs Wilson and Mrs Wood (Librarians) who organised this event and all the staff and students who helped out on the night – Mrs Hooper, Miss Bartlett, Mr Mellor, Mrs Greene Lally, Mrs Campbell, Mr Hoar, Lucy (13MIL), Hannah, Charlotte and Abby (all from 10B).  The event also raised over £50 for Year 7’s nominated charity – The Alzheimer’s Society.

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