Iceland Trip

Iceland Trip

Towards the end of the Easter holidays 33 pupils and five staff were fortunate enough to visit Iceland; a country full of natural wonders that can only be experienced in very few places around the globe.

The five-day visit included excursions to a wealth of natural landscapes including the Gulfoss waterfall, geysers, the black beaches of the south shore, volcanic craters and the divide between two continental places. The girls also had the opportunity to explore a man-made ice cave and visit a number of sites in the capital, Reykjavik.

Despite horrific weather conditions, the intrepid Farnborough Hill team thoroughly enjoyed their time, although hot chocolates were required on a number of occasions. The highlights of the trip included whale watching and of course spending a leisurely afternoon wallowing in the Blue Lagoon, sipping smoothies and caked in silica mud; the perfect way to start any trip.

Report by Mrs Hannah Van Klaveren

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