Inter-House Quiz

Inter-House Quiz

The half term ended on a high as the whole school took part in one of the most anticipated events in the school calendar: the Inter-House Quiz. 18 teams from each House pitted their wits against one another and enjoyed a highly competitive, fun afternoon.

Fisher House showed off their creative side by putting together a very entertaining film which the teams had to watch and then answer questions about, and Howard demonstrated their organisational skills by making arrangements and ensuring that the afternoon ran smoothly. Thank you to Fisher and Howard Houses and their Heads of House, Mr Wellington and Mrs Winch-Johnson, to the teachers who marked the answer sheets, to the caretaking team, the Sixth Form runners and to the participants.  Thank you also to Catherine and Laura (both 13HAD) who compered the events from the Hall and the Theatre on the Hill respectively.

As usual, the rounds were very varied and played to a wide variety of strengths. Here is a summary from Mr Wellington:

  • Round 1 - 'Whose bags are these?':  Pictures of teachers' bags to test how observant the girls are - they found this difficult!
  • Round 2 - Geography: Identifying countries in Asia, Africa and Europe beginning with the letters I, M and S respectively, then the largest countries in Europe, Africa, South and North America. 2 teams scored 18/19 on this round!
  • Round 3 - the film round: Cinderella, written by Roald Dahl, adapted by Lucy (13STN) and produced by Mrs Winch-Johnson. Cast included the two ugly sisters played by Mr Gillingham and Mr Taylor (our school chef). Mrs Swire played Cinderella,  Mr Forrest-Biggs the fairy, and Mr Wellington the Prince. Mrs Camprubi and Mrs Payne were townspeople, Mr Temple a jam-maker who married Cinderella.  Mr Taylor (IT) did the filming.
  • Round 4 - Anagrams of TV programs: Howard House did very poorly on this round, so are probably too busy doing work and reading books rather than watching TV!
  • Round 5 - Disney Music (compiled by Mr Taylor): Campion and Becket did really well in this round, many of their teams gaining full marks.
  • Round 6 - Guess the Artist: Girls had to identify artists from their picture and one of their works, ranging from Dali to Warhol. This round was where Campion really increased their lead - obviously a very artistic house!

The winning House was announced in whole school Assembly on Monday 6 November as follows:

5th Howard710
4th Fisher743
3rd More788
2nd Becket839
1st Campion862

Congratulations to Campion House and well fought to all the other Houses.