Introducing Our Head & Deputy Head  Girls

Introducing Our Head & Deputy Head  Girls


This week saw our new Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl take up their roles as ambassadors for the school and key members of the student body.  Here they talk a little about their experiences and their hopes for the year ahead.

Head Girl: Anna (12RIX)

My name is Anna and I’m currently studying History, Maths, English and Spanish with the intention of going on to do History and Spanish with study abroad at university.  I love travelling and learning about new cultures, which is why I am excited to be going on the expedition to India with the school in July. As Head Girl I am looking forward to getting to know as many members of the school community as possible as I have loved being able to spend time with girls from various different year groups through being part of school productions and events over the years and I hope that as Head Girl I will have more opportunities to continue doing this. I also hope that I can help the new Headmistress, Mrs Neil, settle into her first year at Farnborough Hill as I am aware of how daunting joining can be! Through working with Liv, the Deputy Head Girl, and Mrs Neil, I will try to bridge the gap between staff and students to help ensure that Farnborough Hill continues to be a place where everyone feels comfortable and happy.

Deputy Head Girl: Olivia (12BRO)

I am currently studying English Literature, Drama, Economics and Geography, and am aiming to go on to do a English and Drama degree at university. Where I will go on from there is unknown to me, but I feel the fact I’ve been performing since the age of 3, means it would be a shame to overlook my love for the Arts, by not taking it at University. Being Deputy Head Girl alongside Anna, I hope to ensure Mrs Neil has the most comfortable start to Farnborough Hill life possible. Having been here since Year 7, and knowing the ins and outs of this wonderful school, I hope I can offer Mrs Neil a face she knows she can rely on and count upon when settling into her new routine. One of the greatest rewards I have discovered this year is the feeling I gain from volunteering at Sunrise Care home. I feel so lucky to have insights into these wonderful people’s lives, whilst I’m sure they find just as great a comfort in being able to simply talk to someone for however long they need. I am excited for what the next year will bring and hope to fulfil my role as Deputy Head Girl with much enthusiasm.