Retreat Week

Retreat Week

Each year group from 7-11 had one day off timetable during the week beginning 1 February 2016 to take part in a Retreat Day here in school run by Camberley Youth for Christ.  This was a great opportunity to take a step out of the norm and for the girls to reflect on their lives.

Camberley Youth for Christ are a group of volunteers, mainly youth workers, from local churches and they proved to be a fantastic team - friendly, warm, fun, faith-filled and very in tune with young people.  They planned a fruitful day for each year group incorporating games, creativity and prayer.  Particularly imaginative and effective was the way they transformed the Chapel into a series of prayer spaces using a wide variety of props to help the girls to find a focus for their prayer and quiet time.  Girls could write down things they were thankful for on a link in a paper chain; write a question for God and peg it on a washing line; put their dreams in a balloon and place this in a net (pictured); cut out newspaper headlines to pray for world situations or sit quietly in the prayer tent.  Each day ended with worship songs and reflection.  To see some photos from Retreat Week click on the link below:

Retreat Week Gallery

Thank you to the Retreat Team for their hard work, inspiration and enthusiasm and to Miss Farmer, our Chaplain, for organising the Retreat Week and making it all run so smoothly.  

I felt really good and calm when we left and it really made me think about my life and not to judge others. I loved the Chapel because there was loads to do and I could reflect.  It was a good day.

Year 8 Student