Students Enjoy Ancient Schoolroom Event

Students Enjoy Ancient Schoolroom Event

Wednesday 27 January 2016 was a very exciting day for the Classics Department as they took students from Year 9 to year 12 to Reading University’s Ancient Schoolroom Event. This is the second year in which Reading University have hosted an Ancient Education Day and this year was bigger and better.

Degree students transformed a study room into an Ancient Greek schoolroom using straw on the floor and sheets adorned with classic poetry and the Greek alphabet on the walls. The girls then dressed up in traditional robes and entered the schoolroom as if they were in a real ancient lesson. Not only did they try their hand at reciting epic poetry, they also used ink to write on pots or wax tablets, and learnt the Roman numeral system. 

Furthermore, the girls then had the opportunity to explore Reading University’s Ure Museum and handle real objects from the museum – they had fun guessing what different pots were used for and which objects, if any, were reproductions.

Overall, it was an enjoyable and educational morning for the students and the teachers. Our thanks go to the Reading University Classics Department and the Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology.