Tuppenny Barn: From Plot to Plate

Tuppenny Barn: From Plot to Plate

In a society where waste and pollution is a growing concern, sustainable agriculture is becoming more and more important. This style of production of foods and other plant or animal products uses methods of farming that protect the environment, health, and animal welfare.  By practising this form of agriculture, we are able to produce healthy food, whilst also ensuring that future generations will be able to do the same.  

Our GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition students had first-hand experience of sustainable farming, by visiting Tuppenny Barn on Monday 10 October 2016. They were lucky to have a bright and sunny day for their trip by minibus to Emsworth, West Sussex, with the aim of exploring the importance of food provenance and sustainability.

The visit started with a tour of Tuppenny Barn, where they discovered raised vegetable beds, herb gardens, polytunnels, beehives, and composting facilities.  The group also enjoyed a talk by Emma from the Sustainable Restaurant Charity, who explained the importance of portion control, reducing and managing food waste, using seasonal produce, fair trade, ethical meat and dairy products, sustainable fish, healthy eating and energy efficiency.

The girls were then given a brief to design and create an Italian starter for four people, using only produce from the site and a list of store cupboard ingredients. After a session of research and picking crops, the girls got to work in the kitchen of the Educational Centre, to complete their creations. After some hard work perfecting their dishes, the completed products were presented to the judge, Maggie, the owner and brains behind Tuppenny Barn's inspirational ideas and ethos. Although all of the girls rose to the challenge, the winners of the contest were Jemima, Bella and Ava for their delicious bruschetta which they made using seasonal produce and fresh herbs, along with homemade pesto and a garnish of nasturtium flowers.

Finally, the girls took part in a quiz and Q & A session to reflect on the day’s events and all that they had learnt about food sustainability.  Mrs Goddard, Head of Design and Food Technology, said "The girls were a pleasure to be with, and I am looking forward to visiting Tuppenny Barn again in the future".

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