Y7's Friendship Firming Residential

Y7's Friendship Firming Residential

The Year 7 Residential was the perfect way to end our first half-term with our new Year 7s. Unbelievably, after a slightly muddy and damp first evening, the sun shone the entire time, and we even had the opportunity to build some sandcastles in the sunshine on the last day. Activities ranged from trapeze to Dragon Boating to Orienteering, and a particular highlight for many was playing ‘Ambush’ in the pitch black. For those who have never been to PGL, Ambush is one of their speciality wide games that always involves a lot of squealing and shrieking (despite its main tactic being stealth…).

After a busy half-term settling in, it was lovely to spend a few days away with the girls getting to know them better and seeing the personal victories they were achieving, whether that be overcoming a fear of heights to jump off the trapeze or going Dragon Boating despite hating water. There were also huge breakthroughs with settling into friendship groups and real achievements for many in terms of having a go at new things (including, for some, staying away from home for multiple nights).

PGL always ask what the purpose of our trip is and what we would like the girls to get out of it. This time, our purpose was to celebrate a fabulous first half-term at Farnborough Hill and to help the girls develop and deepen their friendships. I think I can certainly say that we achieved those things during our time in Weymouth. The girls were an absolute delight to be with, and were great fun to spend three days with. Huge thanks must also go to Miss White, Miss Warwick, Mr Haddock, Mrs Larkin, Mrs McFadden, Mrs Kirby, Mrs Brennan, Mr Temple, Mr Maccherini and Mrs Jackson for accompanying us.

Mrs Evans-Jones, Head of Year 7

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