Year 7's PGL Adventure

Year 7's PGL Adventure

Year 7 pupils enjoyed their first residential trip together at the end of last week. They were warmly welcomed on arrival by a thoroughly enthusiastic bunch of PGL instructors, who geared the girls up for their exciting two-day adventure.

After some settling in time, the PGL instructor led the girls through activities such as the zip wire, survivor, ambush, canoeing, climbing, archery and buggy building. The most popular activity was the giant swing, which involved the girls wearing a harness and being hoisted up to the highest of heights. They then pulled on a rope and literally swung to the ground below.

The girls have supported each other really well and although roomed with friends from their Form Group, they were in activity groups with girls from different Form Groups. This encouraged them to make new friends. The challenges they have overcome and the problems they have solved have helped them to grow more independent and to feel completely part of the Farnborough Hill family.  

The adventure at PGL also involved singing very loudly with the instructors as they walked from one activity to the other; some of the groups even introduced the PGL community to ‘Whose Pigs are These?’.

Well done to all the Year 7s for participating wholeheartedly throughout, even when the weather was woeful!