Year 8 Make a Splash at Horseshoe Lake

Year 8 Make a Splash at Horseshoe Lake

The Year 8 girls spent a fantastic day at Horseshoe Lake, working in teams to complete challenges and foster a sense of happy competition. Year 8 pupil Ronnie summarised the day.

'Last Thursday the Year 8 went on a school trip to Horseshoe Lake. For all the activities the teams were randomly selected, giving us an opportunity to get to know each other better, especially those we didn’t know so well before.

The first activity was Dragon Boat Racing - a competitive race between two teams, with team spirit and communication as a challenge. After the race we had Kayaking, where you could go on your own or join a group of three. All of us fell at least once and some even capsized after trying many challenges, including standing up on their kayak or switching kayaks with different people. Paddle Boarding was the last activity before lunch; here you faced even more challenges with your opponent, trying to push each other off the board!

Lunch passed and we moved to Raft Building. We were shown how to tie a knot and were only allowed to ask two questions to help us build the raft. Once we completed building the raft, we had to find a way to slip it into the water and then the race began! We competed against three other teams around the lake, which took us at least 15 minutes.

Finally, it was a time for a long-held Horseshoe Lake / Farnborough Hill tradition: to jump into the water! We had a brilliant day and it was great to spend time with my friends doing something so different to normal.'

Ronnie, Year 8