Year 8 visit Butser Farm

Year 8 visit Butser Farm

Year 8 enjoyed a Classics Trip to Buster Ancient Farm last week. Imogen, Freddie, Simra and Hazel report:

We arrived at Butser Ancient Farm on Wednesday morning and were buzzing to get off the coach and explore the Romans’ life in Britain.

First of all we went into a large roundhouse made to look like the ones from ancient Britain. It had a huge central fire filling the room with smoke. After exploring, we had the chance to do some activities including jewellery making and clay sculpting. Lunch followed, and then we toured through a reconstructed Roman villa and discovered how ancient toilets worked!

Our favourite parts of the trip were making jewellery, touring the villa and feeding the goats.

We really enjoyed our trip and want to thank the Classics Department and all the staff who helped to make our day so fun!

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