Young Enterprise Companies Scoop Prizes

Young Enterprise Companies Scoop Prizes

Our 3 Farnborough Hill Year 10 companies took part in a Young Enterprise Trade Fair on Saturday 11 February 2017 in Princes Mead Shopping Centre, Farnborough.  They did very well, winning all the main prizes!

1st: Mariposa run by Bella (10 Omega), Jemima (10 Alpha), Zahra (10A), Seb (10 Omega) and Lucy (10 Omega)
2nd: Quotes and Co run by Yadin and Jess (10 Omega)
3rd: Glo run by Verity (10B), Liberty (10A), Zoe (10B) and Shika (10A)

Seb, Managing Director of Mariposa reports:

Although the day began with an early start, all the members of the Mariposa team were raring to go for a morning of selling! We were very proud of the presentation of our stall, and we had heavily focused on a Valentine's day theme – even having heart shaped balloons attached to our stand. The shopping mall was not particularly busy, and so throughout the day we had to employ various selling tactics in order to draw people to our stand. This was fairly nerve racking, having to ask strangers to come and browse through our products, but we managed to attract various customers and learnt valuable business skills in the process.

Throughout the day, judges came and took a look at our stand, and asked us challenging questions about our business, which we had to answer on the spot. Everyone performed excellently under this pressure, and the judges seemed very impressed with the information we were able to offer, noting various aspects of Mariposa which we highly value in making our business both successful and unique.

Towards the end of the day, the judges announced which company had impressed them the most – focusing on criteria such as presentation, marketing and the product itself. We were delighted to find that we had won the 1st place award, and smiles of congratulations were shared all round. The judges commented on how we had thoroughly impressed them, as well as giving us some valuable insights into how we could improve our business in the future.

A final thank you to all the staff who helped organise the event, and let it run so smoothly. It was a day full of both enjoyment and further education about the business world, which is a sentence that neatly sums up the Young Enterprise experience.