Shaped by Education, Driven by Ambition

Shaped by Education, Driven by Ambition

Submitting our UCAS applications and continual 18th birthday celebrations has actualised the imminent ending of our chapter at Farnborough Hill.

This has led me to reflect on how I have grown as a person, how my shifting career aspirations have shaped my current self and the gratitude I have towards my education at Farnborough Hill.

In Years 7 - 9, I aspired to pursue a career in professional music.  At this time, I was a naïve, overly competitive child and most frequently described as 'intense'.  I was a member of the National Children's Orchestra, had achieved a Grade 8 Distinction in Bassoon and reached the final round of the National Youth Orchestra auditions at the age of 14.  However, reflecting has led me to the realisation that these musical achievements were not from a source of personal passion; rather my inherent fear of judgement by my highly critical teacher, fear of failure and external congratulations defined by my 'young age'.

During GCSE years my expectation for continual improvement, defined by my past successes, self-pressurised my joy out of playing.  I achieved my ARSM diploma in Music performance but fell shy of my potential due to excessive personal pressure.  During this time I was offered the opportunity to take part in the School Cross Country team.  I initially participated to simply make up the numbers but as the season progressed I began to dig deeper, surpassing my expectations by qualifying to represent Hampshire.

Running has taught me that your love towards something is not defined by your ability but the happiness you derive from it.

Entering Sixth Form, I developed gratitude towards the role of music in establishing my stage confidence, friendships and ability to perform under pressure.  Prioritising running has enabled my music to flourish, revived my love for performance, and helped me thrive in a less pressurised environment, assisting my achievement of a Licentiate Diploma in Music Performance with Distinction, appointment as Principal of a nationally regarded chamber ensemble and being offered an opportunity to perform a concerto with live orchestral accompaniment.

Furthermore, a pivotal interaction I had with our Gold Duke of Edinburgh Assessor, Helen Turton, inspired my current aspiration to pursue a career within the climate and polar science industry, leading me to change my A levels and follow my childhood dream.

To conclude, I want to reinforce that everything happens for a reason.

'Everything you are going through, is preparing you for everything you asked for.  The struggle will lead you to a beautiful chapter in life. The best is yet to come.'

- Cross Novia

Freya (U6CSK)